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  • विवरण:Chinese Fruit Pitaya,Sweet and Hight Nutritional Value Fruit,Yummy Fruit and Melon
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Ningxia Bornstein Import & Export Co., Ltd

Chinese Fruit Pitaya,Sweet and Hight Nutritional Value Fruit,Yummy Fruit and Melon

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Pitaya (scientific name: Hylocereus undatus' Foo - Lon) is a cactus, the amount of days' quantitative 'cultivars, scandent succulent shrub, with adventitious roots.Most branches and outspread, blade edge fin shape, often edge wave or dentate, dark green to green, light blue bone;Funnel-shaped flowers and opened in the night;Scales lanceolate to lanceolate, oval shape of calyx tepals yellowish green, linear to lanceolate, linear disc shape tepals white, oblong-elliptic, oblanceolate, filaments yellow-white, style yellow-white, red berries, prolate, areola small, white, red pulp.Seeds obovoid, black, hilum small.7-12 months.

Pitaya is not only taste sweet, but also has the very high nutritional value, it sets in bud, fruit, vegetable, medicine advantages at a suit.Not only rich nutrition, unique function, there are very few diseases and insect pests, almost does not use any pesticides can be normal growth.Therefore, pitaya is a kind of green, green fruit and which has curative effect must care nutrient food.Every one hundred grams of pitaya pulp, contained 83.75 g of water, ash content of 0.34 grams of crude protein, crude fat, 0.17 grams, 0.62 grams, crude fiber, 1.21 grams, 13.91 grams carbohydrates, heat 59.65 kilocalorie, dietary fiber, 1.62 grams, 2.83 grams of fructose, glucose, vitamin C5.22 mg 7.83 grams, 6.3 to 8.8 mg calcium, phosphorus, iron 0.55 ~ 30.2 36.1 mg 0.65 mg and a large number of anthocyanins (red sarcocarp varieties is the most abundant), water-soluble dietary protein, plant albumin, etc.

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