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  • Ningxia Bornstein Import & Export Co., Ltd

  •  [Guangdong,China]
  • व्यवसाय प्रकार:संगठन , व्यापार कंपनी , उत्पादक
  • Main Mark: अफ्रीका , एशिया , मध्य पूर्व
  • निर्यातक:41% - 50%
  • विवरण:Fresh Chinese Mung Beans,Chinese Green Mung,Chinese Mung Beans
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Ningxia Bornstein Import & Export Co., Ltd

Fresh Chinese Mung Beans,Chinese Green Mung,Chinese Mung Beans

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Product: Vigna Beans

Type: Mung Beans

Style: Dried

Drying Process: AD

Packaging: Bulk, Can (Tinned), Drum, Gift Packing, Mason Jar, Tank, Vacuum Pack, Other

Cultivation Type: Common

Place of Origin:China(Mainland)

Color: Fresh Green

Size: 4.0mm-4.4mm



Admixture: 0.3% Max


Mung beans (Vigna radiata (Linn.) Wilczek.), belongs to the bean.Alias green bean, (name) for the color green, Lu beans, beans, etc., in China has more than two thousand years of cultivation history.Country of origin in India and Burma.Now common among east Asian countries, Africa, Europe, the United States also have a small amount of planting, such as China, Burma are green beans major exporter.Seeds and stems are widely used.Work in the skin of mung bean heat, detoxification in the meat.Green bean soup is a regular summer heat drink, clear heat, cocktail for young and old.Traditional green bean products have green bean cake, green bean, green bean cake, green red bean, mung bean starch sheet, etc.Mung beans actually still have a kind of color, yellow, and the quality is very scarce, at present only in jiangxi province Yang see, looks yellow, bean curd is thinner than green, nutrition is better!

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