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Ningxia Bornstein Import & Export Co., Ltd

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Chinese Red Kidney Beans - निर्माता, कारखाने, आपूर्तिकर्ता चीन से

हम विशेष हैं Chinese Red Kidney Beans निर्माताओं और आपूर्तिकर्ताओं / कारखाने चीन से। कम कीमत / सस्ते के रूप में उच्च गुणवत्ता के साथ थोक Chinese Red Kidney Beans, चीन से अग्रणी ब्रांडों में से एक Chinese Red Kidney Beans में से एक, Ningxia Bornstein Import & Export Co., Ltd।
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Good Fresh Red Beans

Tag: Chinese Red Kidney Beans , New Crop Red Kidney Beans , High Quality Dark Red Kidney Bean

Product Type: Kidney Beans Type: red Style: Dried Drying Process: AD Packaging: Bulk, Gift Packing, Vacuum Pack, bags Cultivation Type: Common Shelf Life: 12 months Place of Origin:China(Mainland) color: ed and speckled Size: 200-220 pcs/100g Red...

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Red and White Pitaya Fruit

Tag: Chinese Fruit Pitaya , Sweet and Hight Nutritional Value Fruit , Yummy Fruit and Melon

Pitaya (scientific name: Hylocereus undatus' Foo - Lon) is a cactus, the amount of days' quantitative 'cultivars, scandent succulent shrub, with adventitious roots.Most branches and outspread, blade edge fin shape, often edge wave or dentate, dark...

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Delicious Chinese Hazel nuts

Tag: Chinese Nuts Good Sale , Good Tasty Nuts , Nuts for Good Health

Hazelnut fruit taste good, nutritious, the nuts 47-68% oil content, protein 23%, fat 56-65%, starch 6.6%, also contains vitamin A, B, E and minerals such as iron, calcium.Hazelnut nutrients for bread 2 times, 1.5 times that of pork can be used in...

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Chinese Beautiful Verbena Flower

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Is a perennial.Root shallow, not resistant to transplant, should be broadcast live.Northern spring, general can blossom in June.Seed germination is too light, should be appropriate shade, the seedling stage to keep the soil moist.Germinating slowly,...

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Fresh Chinese Green Mung Beans

Tag: Fresh Chinese Mung Beans , Chinese Green Mung , Chinese Mung Beans

Product: Vigna Beans Type: Mung Beans Style: Dried Drying Process: AD Packaging: Bulk, Can (Tinned), Drum, Gift Packing, Mason Jar, Tank, Vacuum Pack, Other Cultivation Type: Common Place of Origin:China(Mainland) Color: Fresh Green Size:...

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थोक चीन से Chinese Red Kidney Beans , लेकिन कम कीमत के अग्रणी निर्माताओं के रूप में सस्ते Chinese Red Kidney Beans खोजने की आवश्यकता है। बस Chinese Red Kidney Beans पर उच्च गुणवत्ता वाले ब्रांडों पा कारखाना उत्पादन, आप आप क्या चाहते हैं, बचत शुरू करते हैं और हमारे Chinese Red Kidney Beans का पता लगाने के बारे में भी राय, आप में सबसे तेजी से उत्तर हम करूँगा कर सकते हैं।
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